Note from 7th Semester

We have been there almost in three years. In the same room, everyday in lecture. I never think about future before. I like pass day with full smile. But, in this years, I feel something different. Because of as know as you. I never talk with the others persons. But why today and the next day,  I want talk with you. I wanna be close to you. Now, I gonna be changed, may be you is the reason. I can’t playing around with the equation. I must think my future. I must work, I must have skill. So, I can’t just imagine it. I must make it comes true. That’s why now I often silent not cheerfully, Am I become egoistic.

There are still many memories even though only sad one. As you say, world is beautiful , because of its beautiful it deceive ours elf. Our way is bent by it. I just wanna say you still alive, but you know. Life is not only to stay alive. Because we must make our life have meaningfully and have many advantages to the others. Eventhough, keep alive is so difficult. So, I just trust on you, you’ll be the one. Trust only your dream and make it comes true.


Yume ni made mita you na sekai wa
Arasoi mo naku heiwa na nichijou
Demo genjitsu wa hibi to rabutte
Tama ni kuyandari shiteru
Son’na rolling days

(YUI-Rolling Star)


About Revandry

Hidup adalah perjuangan, Apapun yang terjadi dalam hidupmu, jangan menyerah dan jangan pernah menyerah.

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