Selayang Pandang

I’m just human
Have many weakness and strenght
But I dont know my strength

I’m a fighter
How many you hit down me, I’m still fighter
Never surender, how many I fall
Born for this fate
To accomplish this assignment
Make the best choice for difficulties

I’m fighter in this world
Journey for eternity one
Bearing this pain, hiding the feeling
Till die

I’m Andri Setyawan a.k.a RevAn AndRea

(Awakening of the new spirit)
(The unreacable hand, the contradiction choice)
(to the all distance dreams)
(Pain, Betray, and Power to forgiving)
(dying, lonely silent night)
(repray, —> Unlimited Fighting spirit)


About Revandry

Hidup adalah perjuangan, Apapun yang terjadi dalam hidupmu, jangan menyerah dan jangan pernah menyerah.

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