Little Remembrance

I’ looking the rainbow in this blue sky
Far away, when we hold on our hand
Remembering what we have done on the old shack
We quarell many things, debatt on manythings
You shouted me with word of fool, stupid or liar
And I shouted you with words tiny small dwarf
And then you angry and become to cry

You’re never know, never realize
At that time I really want apologize, I really feel guilty

But my words never reach you, just float in the air
Make distance, gap betwen us, and you said it’s ok

From last word in the evening, you said you want become someone like me
I never realized what is it, but i laugh and said You never and never be the one
Can you take over me, ok, i ;ll help you, i laugh and laugh again

Thats our memories in childhood days, even now i still remember
Are you still remember? Maybe just me,
How precious you for me, you never know
Wait! Why you so precious for me? It’s my secreet, you never know

Look! The sky is blue. Your journey still long, many sadness happiness and etc wait us
Many happiness in the world, you just search it,
If you can’t find it, just make it, even if it just a little happiness
Live in your life


About Revandry

Hidup adalah perjuangan, Apapun yang terjadi dalam hidupmu, jangan menyerah dan jangan pernah menyerah.

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