Buku Fisika

Teman -teman yang lagi kuliah atau bingung cari buku referensi buat seminar, ne ada beberapa buku referensi dalam bentuk ebook, tentunya physics ebook semua.

tapi ini cuma sebagian, klo yang lengkap ada di harddisk komputerku.

Buku Mekanika

  1. The Principles of Mechanics
  2. Introduction to Statistical Mechanics

Buku Fisika Energi

  1. Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells (Download Buku)
  2. Solar Hydrogen Generation (Download Buku)
  3. Wind and Solar Power Systems (Download Buku)
  4. Sustainability and Environmental Impact of Renewable Energy Sources (Download Buku)

Buku Termodinamika

  1. Termodinamika Teknik
  2. Thermal Physics, Charles Kittel
  3. Classical Thermodynamics, A. B. Pippard
  4. Heat Transfer
  5. Thermodynamics at Work
  6. Convective Heat Transfer
  7. Finite Element Simulation of Heat Transfer
  8. Thermodynamic Models for Industrial Applications

Buku Fisika Inti/Fisika Atom

Particles And Nuclei (Download Buku)

Buku Fisika Zat Padat

  1. Fundamentals of the Physics of Solids, Volume I : Structure and dynamics, Jeno Solyom
  2. Solid State Physics, James D. Patterson and Bernard C. Bailey
  3. Condensed Matter Theories, Volume : 22, Heidi Reinholz, Gerd Ropke, Manuel de Llano
  4. Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics, Volume : I, Feng J. Duan and Jin Guojun
  5. Symmetry and Condensed Matter Physics, Michael El Batasouny and Fredrick Wooten

Buku Fisika Nanopartikel

  1. Handbook of Nanoscience, Engineering and Technology

Buku Fisika Material

1. Applied Crystallography (Download Buku)

2. Fundamentals of Powder Diffraction and Structural Characterization of Materials (Download Buku)

3. Fuel Processing (Download Buku)

4. Materials for Engineers and Technicians (Download Buku)

5. Elasticity and Strength (Download Buku)

6. Molecules into Materials (Download Buku)

7. Biomaterials, Principles and Applications (Download Buku)

8. Polymers for Photonics Applications II (Download Buku)

9. Physics And Modeling Of Tera And Nano Devices (Download Buku)

10. Handbook of Advanced Dielectric, Pezoelectric, and Ferroelectric Material (Download Buku)

Buku Laser

  1. Prinsip Dasar Laser Polimer Hibrid, Sahrul Hidayat
  2. Principles of Lasers and Optics, cambridge
  3. Fundamentals of Laser Diode Amplifiers
  4. Tunable Laser Diodes and Related Optical Sources, Jeen Buus
  5. Laser-induced Damage of Optical Materials, Roger M. Wimil
  6. Photonics and Lasers, An Introduction, Richard S. Quimby
  7. Photonics and Lasers, An Introduction, Richard S. Quimby v2
  8. Principles of Lasers 4th edition, Orazio Svelio
  9. 9. Ultrashort Laser Pulse Phenomena, Jeans Claude diels and Wolfgang Rudolph
  10. 10. Industrial Applications of Laser, John F. Ready
  11. Tunable Laser Optic, Fransisco J. Duarte
  12. Introduction to Industrial Laser Materials Processing, Rofin Sinar

Buku Fisika Medik

1. Medical Imaging Physics (Download Buku)

2. Medical Ultrasonics 2nd Edition (Download Buku)

3. Physics in Biology and Medicine (Download Buku)

4. Radiation Physics for Medical Physicists (Download Buku)

5. Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation (Download Buku)

6. The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging 2nd Edition (Download Buku)

Buku Fotonik

  1. Photonic Crystals Molding the Flow of Light 2nd edition (Download Buku)
  2. Nano Optics and Nano Photonics, S. Kawata & V.M. Shalev (Download Buku)
  3. Photonic Waveguides Azzedine Bodrioua (Download Buku)
  4. Biophotonic (Download Buku)
  5. Electromagnetic Theory and Applications for Photonic Crystals Kiyotoshi Yashumoto (Download Buku)
  6. Elements of Photonics Volume 1 Keico Iizuka (Download Buku)
  7. Elements of Photonics Volume 2 Keico Iizuka (Download Buku)
  8. Advanced Photonic Structures for Biological and chemical Detection (Download Buku)
  9. Electromagnetic Theory and Applications for Photonic Kiyotoshi Yashumoto (Download Buku)
  10. Photonic Crystal Fibers Federica Poli, Annamaria Cucinotta, Steffano Selleri (Download Buku)
  11. Photonic Crystal Jean Michael Lourtios (Download Buku)
  12. Photonic Crystals Molding the Flow of Light, John D. Joannopoulos, Robert D. Meade, Joshua N. Winn (Download Buku)
  13. Metamaterials and Plasmonics (Download Buku)
  14. Silicon Photonics (Download Buku)
  15. Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (Download Buku)
  16. Silicon Photonics, Graham C. Reed (Download Buku)
  17. Integrated Photonics Fundamentals, Gines Lifante (Download Buku)

Buku Fisika Spektroskopi

  1. Modern Spectroscopy, J. Michael Hollas
  2. NMR Spectroscopy, edited by Dr. Melind J Duer
  3. Quantitative Spectroscopy, Theory and Practice  Brian C. Smith
  4. Practical Gide to Interpretive Near Infrared Spectroscopy, Jerry Workman Jr and Lois Meyer
  5. Atomic Spectroscopy, Introduction to The Theory of Hyperfine structure, Anatoli V. Andreev
  6. An Introduction to the Optical Spectroscopy of Inorganic Solids, J. Garcia Sale, LE. Bausa and D. Jacque
  7. Physical Principles of Electron Microscopy

    Buku Fisika Polimer

  1. Fibre- Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Concrete Structures, edited by Kwang Hwee tan
  2. The Physical Properties of Organic Monolayers, Mitsumata Iwamoto and Wu Chen-Xu

Buku Gelombang

  1. A Student Guide to Maxwell’s Equations, Daniel Flisch
  2. Theory and Problems of Electromagnetics, Schaum
  3. Numerical Simulation of Waves and Fronts in Inhomogeneous Solids, Arkadi barezovski, Juri Engelbrecht and Gerrad A. Maugin
  4. Stroh Formalism and Rayleigh Waves, Kazumi tanuma
  5. Computer Techniques in Vibration, edited by Clarence W. da Silva
  6. Vibration Simulation Using Matlab and Ansys, Michael R. Hatch
  7. All About Waves, J. R. Pierce
  8. Wave Propagation and Group Velocity, Leon Brillouin
  9. Fundamentals of Vibrations, Leonard Mierovitch

Buku Fisika Optics

  1. Problems and Solutions on Optics
  2. Optical Sources, Detectors, and Systems, Fundamental and Application, Robert H. Kingston
  3. Adaptive Optics for Vision Science, Principle, Practices, Designs and Application
  4. Handbook of Charge Particle Optics, second Edition, John Orloff
  5. Introduction to Optics, Germain Chartier
  6. Optical Waveguides Edited By Maria L. Calvo and Vasudevan Laksminarayaman
  7. Optics, Light and Lasers : The Practical Approach to Modern Aspect of Photonics and Laser Physics, Dieter Moschede
  8. Secrets of The Aether
  9. Theoretical Optics, Hartmam Zemer
  10. Problems and Solution in Optics, Benjamin Crowell
  11. Fundamentals of Optical Waveguides, Kateunari Oksmoto
  12. City of Light: The Story of Fiber Optics, Jeff Hecht

Buku Fisika Statistik

1. An Introduction to Stochastic Processes in Physics (Download Buku)

2. Statistical Physics (Download Buku)

3. A Modern Course in Statistical Physics (Download Buku)

4. Methods of Quantum Field Theory in Statistical Physics (Download Buku)

5. Renormalization in Statistical Physics (Download Buku)

6. Statistical Physics (Download Buku)

7. Statistical Physics and Spatial Statistics (Download Buku)

8. Stochastic Processes in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Download Buku)

9. Introduction to Mathematical Statistical Physics (Download Buku)

Buku Teori Medan Elektromagnetik

1. Electromagnetic Wave Theory

2. Electromagnetic Fields 2nd Edition, Iran Van Bladed

3. Introductory Electromagnetics, Hebert P. Neff Jr

4. Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, Paul Lostuin

5. Fundamentals of Electromagnetics with Matlab, Karl E Lonngren and Sava V. Savov

Buku Fisika Instrumentasi

1. Soldering in Electronics Assembly, Michael Judd and Keith Brindly

2. Radiation Dosimetry, Instrumentation and Methods, gad Shani

3. Theory and Problems of Basic Electricity (Schaum Series)

4. Electric Circuits (Schaum Series)

5. All New Electronics Self Teaching Guide, Harry Kbbet and Eat Boysen

6. Computer Techniques in Vibration, Edited by Clarence W. da Silva

7. Digital Signal Processing Filter Design, B. A. Shenoi

8. Signal Processing for Remote Sensing, edited By C. H. Chon

Buku Geofisika

1. The Thermodynamic Universe, B. G. Sidhart

2. Understanding The Universe, James B. Seaborn

3. Seismic Amplitude Inversion in Reflection Tomography, Y. Wang

4. Wave Fields in Real Media, J. M. Carcione

Buku Fisika Matematika

1. Applied Analysis, Mathematical Methods in Natural Science (Download Buku)

2. Mathematics of Physics and Engineering (Download Buku)

3. Applied Partial Differential Equations (Download Buku)

4. Mathematical Methods in Electro-Magneto Elasticity (Download Buku)

5. Finite Difference and Spectral Methods (Download Buku)

6. Fundamental Numerical Methods and Data Analysis (Download Buku)

7. Multiscale Wavelet Methods (Download Buku)

8. A Dressing Method in Mathematical Physics (Download Buku)


Buku Lainnya

1. Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology (Download Buku)

2. Calculus I (Download Buku)

3. Career Opportunities in Science 2nd edition (Download Buku)

4. Oxford Dictionary of Idioms (Download Buku)

5. Black Holes in My Bubble Bath (Download Buku)

6. Inventing the Electric Age (Download Buku)

7. The Einstein Theory of Relativity (Download Buku)

8. The Meaning of Relativity (Download Buku)

9. TESLA The Lost Inventions (Download Buku)

10. Physics Before and After Einstein (Download Buku)

11. The Evolution of Physics (Download Buku)

12. Einstein in His Own Words (Download Buku)

13. Einstein, Physics and Reality (Download Buku)

14. Discover Physics (Download Buku)

15. Einstein’s Unfinished Symphony (Download Buku)

16. Black Holes, Information and the String Theory Revolution (Download Buku)

17. The Age of Einstein (Download Buku)

18. Stephen W. Hawking The Theory of Everything (Download Buku)

19. Quantum Mechanics at the Crossroads (Download Buku)

20. MySQL/PHP Database Application (Download Buku)

21. Universe (Download Buku)

22. Rocks And Minerals (Download Buku)

23. Volcanoes And Earthquakes (Download Buku)

24. Weather And Climate (Download Buku)

25. Evolution And Genetics (Download Buku)

26. The Fantastic Inventions Nikola Tesla (Download Buku)

27. PHP Architects Guide to PHP Security (Download Buku)

28. PHP and MySQL Web Development (Download Buku)

29. Physics Test Practice Book (Download Buku)

30. PHP And MySQL Web Development 3rd (Download Buku)

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